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My Story

Hi my name is Elisa, mom of 3!... two girls and a boy. An Army wife to the best husband ever, and now a Scentsy Director! I am just a country girl chasing her dreams!

I joined Scentsy in 2012, because I wanted more spending money while I attended school. Never did I imagine the reward and BLESSING Scentsy would bestow on my family and I.

Scentsy gives me the extra money this mama needs to help our family pay for some of the little extra things we can’t afford. It literally puts food on my table! It has blessed me with so many new wonderful friends that I can now call my “Scentsy Sisters and Mr’s!”
I have earned a FREE all expenses paid vacations to for 2 to Punta Cana, to Cancun, Mexico, a cruise to Cozumel, Mexico, a Mediterranean Cruise to Spain, France and Italy, a free trip to Nashville! I was also able to save for a vacation to Florida for my children to see their Grandparents and my Husband to finally see his parents after many years!

This is literally the longest “job” I have ever had…if you can even call it that! November, 2012 I joined Scentsy and in November, 2014 I became a Scentsy Director. I have a team of ROCKSTARS chasing their own dreams right along with me. The best part about my “job” is helping others reach their goals, pay for those little things that they have not had the money for and build a business that keeps on giving back! I could not have made any of these accomplishments without my Scentsy Family, my VERY supportive wonderful customers, my family, and my Lord! THANK YOU to everyone who supports me in my small business called Scentsy. Your love and support is what keeps me going!

Scentsy is like cooking; our recipes are more like guidelines. They are not set in stone! Make your own hours, spend more time with your family, and build a business/family that will help bring in the money you need for your dreams! Join my team and let’s start making those dreams come true!!

Thank you so much for reading my story. I am beyond grateful for the opportunity to share fragrance in your home, your office space, your car, and your life! I am thankful for your continued support and loyalty. Love ya’ll so much!!!

If you ever need anything please don't hesitate to contact me!

Elisa Bates
Independent Scentsy Director
503-734-6206 @ScentSlinger12
Instagram: @ScentSlinger12
Twitter: @ScentSlinger12